Medical Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment refers to specialized equipment or clothing worn for protection against dangerous or infection materials and other human-to-human infections. These create a barrier between the source of infection and the intended target of infection.

Personal protective equipment is considered a precautionary measure used to protect a medical practitioner and the people around them from spreading or contracting infections to and from the medical practitioner.

The PPE serves various purposes such as stopping the spread of infection or illness such as bacterial infections which spread through contact with infected surfaces, protecting the officer’s health; the practitioner’s role is to help counteract the infection or disease without acquiring the same infection.

Protecting patients’ and families’ health, Protection is two ways: in this case, the patient is protected against infections from the health officer who is administering treatment to the patient.

Protecting community health, communities comprised of a high number of people who are always in touch with a given number of health practitioners.

Some of the PPE available is meant to protect different body parts as described in the descriptions below.

a. Medical gloves

Medical gloves are worn in case of a possibility of exposure to blood, bodily fluids, excretions while handling contaminated surfaces or equipment.

At Labtech Medical Supplies we have both sterile gloves which are used when a susceptible field has to be touched by a hand bearing gloves and non-sterile gloves which are always worn by health practitioners to avoid being exposed to micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi.

As Labtech medical supplies, we have all types of gloves that are required by any medical officer in all aspects be simple latex gloves or natural rubber gloves. Some of the types of gloves include:

Latex including DPNRL (De Proteinised Natural Rubber Latex). This is one of the three most common categories of gloves in our stores because they are fitting and provide an effective barrier to microorganisms.

Nitrile or acrylonitrile gloves. These are another type of gloves that we have but we advise our customers to take extra caution with them as some health workers are allergic to reactions with nitrile.

Neoprene, these are some of the best makes of gloves that we have and they are of higher value than all the above.

Polythene gloves: We do not sell these gloves to our clients within health care but to customers that mainly do cleaning and disinfection since they tend to tear.

Vinyl, these gloves are also of less stock available to the health practitioners because they are easily loose-fitting and we would not recommend these to our customers.

b. Medical masks or respirators

At Labtech medical supplies, we have all types, sizes, and shapes of both masks and respirators. We understand the need of our customers and therefore wish to provide you with the best of our medical supplies.

We have both surgical masks which are fluid repellant and FFP3 respirator masks, these are either oval or round-shaped. All these are available in our stores and can be made available to our customers as soon as they are ordered. We have them in colors such as black, blue, white and also green. They can also be custom-designed to fit the customer’s needs.

NB: All the masks that we supply are of high quality, they comply with all the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization’s rules and guidelines as per the law on PPE.

c. Medical Gowns, aprons, and coveralls

This is an extra layer of protection offered to medical practitioners. At Labtech medical supplies, we have a variety of medical gowns depending on the sizes and the color of the medical gowns.
We have both long-sleeved gowns and short-sleeved gowns and they are all made of quality materials from various regions in the world.
d. Medical hair covers
To avoid circumstances of hair follicles dropping on patients and distorting or causing harm to the patient, Labtech Medical Supplies has a variety of hair covers which include surgical caps, hair and beard covers for men, and bouffant hair caps.

The hair covers at Labtech Medical Supplies are classified by gender, color family, price, and brand.

We have both reusable caps and disposable caps which can be used depending on the need of the hair cover at the moment.

e. Medical Shoe Covers
At Labtech Medical Supplies, we have shoe covers depending on sizes which range from Regular to extra-large on both skid and slip-on shoes
f. Googles and face shields
In the medical field, eye and face protection must be worn in case of a risk of splashing liquids. At Labtech Medical Supplies, we are committed to supplying our customers with different models of eye protection to ensure their safety.

All these and many more medical supplies are readily available at our stores for your consumption.