Adhesive plaster
Alcohol Swabs
Aprons, protection, plastic, disposable or re-usable
Bag (envelope), plastic, for drugs, approx. 10 x 15 cm, pack of 100
Bag, urine, 2l, draining+non-return valve, sterile
Bandage, crepe 2”x 5m
Bandage, plaster of Paris 3cm x 2.7m
Bandage, Elastic 7.5CM x 5m, roll
Bandage, plaster of Paris 4cm x 2.7m
Bandage, Tricot 10cm x 4m
BD Vacutainer Needle Holders
BD Vacutainer Tube EDTA (purple Top )4ml
BD Vacutainer Tube Plain (Red Top )4ml
Biohazard Bags 24×30 (yellow, Black or Red)
Biohazard bags 24×40 (yellow, black or Red)
Blood Lancets
Butterfly Needles
Catheter Folley 2-way 14g and 18G
Catheter Folley, (balloon) CH10, Sterile, disp
Centrifuge Tubes /Falcon Tubes 15ml
Centrifuge Tubes /Falcon Tubes 50ml
Clinical Coats, Pure white Cotton
Cotton wool 200g or 250g
Cotton wool 500g
Cotton wool, 500g, roll, non-sterile
Disposable Speculum Medium/Large
Drawsheet plastic 90*180
drawsheet plastic approx 100*100cm
EDTA Microtainer Tubes
Eppendorf Tubes 1.5 Non sterile
Eppendorf Tubes 1.5 sterile
Examination Gloves, non-sterile, POWDERED Small, Medium or Large
Examination Gloves POWDER FREE
Examination Gloves POWDER FREE, Nitrile, Kimberly Clark/Halyard
Extractor, mucus, 20 ml, sterile, single use
Face Masks (3 Ply Surgical, disp, ear loop)
Face Masks N95
Face Masks (Re-usable Fabric, ear loop)
Gauze Swab, sterile 10×10cm pkts
Gauze Swabs, 4X4 non-sterile
Gauze swabs, 4X4 sterile 8-ply
Gauze, paraffin 10x10cm
Gloves, cleaning (Rubber gloves), heavy duty, medium/large, pairs
Gumboots, Original pair (white or black
Hand Gel 60ml
I.V. Placement Units (Cannula), 16G, 18G, 20G, 22G and 24G
Infusion giving set pediatric, with burette, disp
Infusion giving set with air inlet and needle, disp.
Instacare Sanitiser
Laboratory Timers
Mackintosh Sheeting, 1M
Mama kit set full
Masking tape, 2 cm x 50 m (for sterilization)
Micro Plates 96 wells, V-shaped or Round Shaped
Micro Tubes 2.0ml, sterile with cap
Micro Tubes 2.0ml, non-sterile with cap
Micro Tubes 2.0ml, non-sterile without cap
Microtainer Tubes plain
Mosquito Nets
Nasogastric tubes G6-G14
Painless lancets, BD
Petri Dishes,
Pipette Tips (Blue) 1000µl
Pipette Tips (yellow) 200µl
Protective glasses, plastic
PVC Mattress
Safety Box, 5Ltrs
Serological Pipettes 10ml
Serological Pipettes 25ml
Serological Pipettes 5ml
Sharp Containers 22ltrs Plastic
Sharp Containers 3ltrs Plastic
Sharp Containers 7.5ltrs Plastic
Sharp Containers Cardboards 5ltrs (yellow or white)
Specimen Bags with document pouch and bio hazard sign
Spinal needles G22×75-120mm
Spinal needles G25×75-120mm
Spring loaded Lancets.BD
Sputum Containers
Stool Containers with a scoop
Surgical Blade, no’s. 10, 11 and 22, sterile, single use.
Surgical Brush (scrubbing)
Surgical Drapes, Imtr
Surgical Gloves Sterile, Latex7.5 /8
Surgical Gowns Small, Medium & Large
Suture, synthetic, absorbable, monofilament, 2/0 RB
Suture, synthetic, absorbable, monofilament, 3/0 RB
Suture, synthetic, non-absorbable, monofilament, DEC2(3/0), with needle 26MM
Suture, synthetic, non-absorbable, monofilament, DEC3(2/0), with needle 26MM
Suture, synthetic, non-absorbable, monofilament, DEC4 (1), with needle
Syringes 10ml with a needle, Disposable
Syringes 20ml with a needle, Disposable
Syringes 2ml with a needle, Disposable
Syringes 50ml with a needle, Disposable
Syringes 5ml with a needle, Disposable
Tape, adhesive, zinc oxide, 2.5 cm x 5m
Tape, umbilical, 3 mm x 50 m, non-sterile
Toilet Papers @carton
Tongue Depressor, Disposable
Transfer Pipette 3mls
Tube, suction, conical tip, CH12, 50 cm, disp.
Tube, suction, conical tip, CH16, 50 cm, disp.
Urine Containers 60ml
Riester Head lamp
Drip stand
Compressor neblizer
Vacutainer Needles G21