Airway Guedels 3 and 4
Basket, instruments, for sterilization, wired, 40 x 20 x 9 cm
Basket, sterilizing, approx. 120 x 250 x 60 mm
Bed/couch Examination, foldable and portable
Bedside Cabinet with Stainless Steel Top (H- 7C) with castors
Bowls, stainless steel, 180 ml and 500ml
BP Machine Aneroid
BP Machine Digital
BP Machine, Pedeatric
Bulb Sucker
Cellular Hosp Blankets
Cheatle Jar
Children’s Bed Single Crank Model with Castors and side rails (B-35)
Clamp, towel, Backhaus, 12 cm
Delivery Cauche standard foldable
Dilator Set-Big
Drip stand Stainless steel
Drip stands with wheels- Standards
Drum, sterilizing, approx. 165 mm diameter
Examination Couches,
Fetoscope, wooden
Fetoscope metal
Filter, drinking, candle, 10-80 L per day
First Aid box, empty S26×17×8cm
Glucometer (Optimum Xceed, Abbott, Freestyle)
Height/lenght board, MSF, Shorr Productions
Hospital blankets
Hospital Matresses
Humidifier Bottle
Ice Packs
Instrument Sets: Delivery, Dressing and Minor Surgery
Kidney dish 26x14cm, stainless steel
Medical Oxygen Cylinders 10L
Metallic beds hospital type
Nasal Oxygen Cannulas
Nasal Speculas
Needle holder, Mayo-Hegar,18cm, straight
Ophthalmoscope (halogen) set with spare bulb
Otoscope (halogen) set with speculum and spare bulb
Oxygen Cylinder, 50Litres
Oxygen Delivering Prongs
Oxygen gas (Flowmeter, Regulator and Humidifier Bottle) Sharp
Oxygen gas Spindle Key
Oxygen Masks
Oxygen Regulator
Patient screens Standard
Patient Trolley / Stretcher Stainless/(High-Tech) E-5
Pulse Oximeter, Hand held
Reflex hammer (Taylor)
Resuscitators, hand-operated, infant/child set and adult set
Scale, electronic, mother-and-child, 150 kg x 100 g , Type Seca
Scalpel handle, No. 3 or No. 4
Scissors, Deaver, sharp/blunt, straight, str. 14cm
Scissors, gynaecological, blunt/blunt, curved, 20cm
Scissors, Metzembaum/ Nelson, 18 cm, curved ,b/b
Scissors,Deaver,sharp/blunt, curved,14cm
Solar Fridges
Speculum, vaginal, Graves, 115 x 35 cm
Speculum, vaginal, Graves, 95 x 35 cm
Sterilizer, steam, approx. 21 L or 24 L
Stethoscope Duplex deluxe, Baby, Blue aluminium(Each)
Stove, kerosene, single-burner, pressure
Stretcher, Portable, Washable Tough Material
Tablet counter, triangular, metal 17cm
Tablet cutter, stainless steel, blade
Tape measure, MUAC (mid-upper arm circumference), UNICEF red band at <115
Tape, measure, MUAC (mid-upper arm circumference) for adults
Tape, measure, vinyl-coated, 1.5 m unit 5
Thermometer, clinical, digital, 32-43 Celsius, C/F
Tray, dressing, 30x20x3cm, stainless steel
Tray, instrument, stainless steel, 225 mm x 125 mm x 50 mm, with cover.
Trolley multipurpose,
Vaccine Carriers 2.5L
Vaccine Cool boxes, 40Litres
Ward screen 4 panel
Weighing Scale, MEDICA for Infant
Wheel Chair
Aluminum (water proof metal travel kit) with a lock and a key silver in color in dif
Antiseptic solution – 100 mls-For Wound Care
Band Aid-For Wound care
Cotton wool (small) – 50g
Crepe Elastic Bandage
Diclofenac Gel- For Pain management
First Aid Boxes – Metallic Wall Cabinet,
Gauze roll-For Wound Care
Hand sanitizer
Hydrocortisone cream- For itchy inflamed skin
Ibuprofen 200mg tablet- For Pain management
Intamine cream (Antihistamine)
Iodine tincture – 100 mls-For Wound Care
Liniment – 100 mls
Magnesiu Trisillicate/ ALOH Tablets
Note book and pencil
Paracetamol 500mg-For Pain management
Plaster-For Holding
Safety pins-For Holding
Scissors-For Cutting
Sterile gloves- For safety
Sterile wound dressing-For Wound care
Surgical blades
Surgical Spirit – 100mls
Thermometer-For Temperature
Triangular bandage-For Arm Sling
Tweezers- For removing splinters