1. Unbeatable prices for genuine original medical equipment and supplies.

At Labtech Medical Supplies we have the least prices of all the medical supplies that you need, our prices are the least around Uganda as we work towards the betterment of our health sector to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our prices are because we acquire our products from the manufacturers rather than hiring third-party companies which end up inflating the prices of these medical supplies.

At Labtech Medical Supplies, we value the appreciation of our customers rather than the accumulation of profits. These low prices cut across all varieties of supplies that we provide ranging from PPE to theatre and ICU solutions.

  1. Discounts

Depending on the medical supplies purchased by the customer, we offer discounts on specified products to our loyal customers. This is achieved through a collection of loyalty points which are accumulated over time as the customer purchases various items. This is done as an appreciation for the loyal customers that tend to do continued purchases of medical supplies from our stores. However, new customers can also be subjected to a discount depending on the number of items that the client has purchased.

  1. Quality products.

Our products are of the highest quality manufactured with the latest technologies on the market, we purchase supplies from the best manufacturers within Uganda, Africa, India, Europe, and the world at large. All our medical supplies are tested and proven by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), we procure our products through a supply chain that involves the government of Uganda, certified distributors, and manufacturers. The supplies all meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Ministry of Health standards. To ensure continued quality, during distribution the supplies are sealed by the manufacturer and are cross-checked by our quality control officers to ensure they meet our desired standards before they are presented to our customers. Upon delivery, testing can be done in the case of machines to ensure smooth operations.

  1. Unlimited quantity of products

Given the high number of suppliers that we have distributed all over the whole world, this provides us options on which manufacturer to contact in case of surged requests for medical supplies. This leaves us with no room for scarcity and hence supplying our customers with their desired quantity of medical supplies all year round in and outside Uganda without any fluctuations.  At Labtech Medical Supplies, the client or customer is limited by their budget as we are committed to giving you all the products that u desire in their right quantities without limitation.

  1. Timely delivery of supplies

At Labtech Medical Supplies, Personal Protective Equipment has a delivery time of fewer than 24 hours. This is intended to enable continuity of work and safety of our customers; other equipment also has specified short timeframes which will be declared to the customer as they place orders. We ensure that our staff have gone through Customer Care Training.

  1. Variety of products

In addition to the unlimited quantity of products, the high number of suppliers that we have distributed all over the whole world, this provides us with a wide range of quality products depending on the manufacturer, the choice of the medical supplies is determined by our customers. This provides our clients with different medical products. To avoid contradictions, all these supplies are made of the same standard and grading with simple variations in prices and materials used but serve the same purpose with the same results.

  1. Integrity and Confidentiality

All information provided to us by our customers such as items purchased and amounts spent remain a secret and we need to keep the loyalty with our customers. Exceptions are only provided to the government as the regulator but this is also limited as it has stages through which it has to go through and unless this is undertaken, the information security of our customers remains a priority.

  1. Provision of a return policy

At Labtech Medical Supplies, we appreciate the effort of our customers and we work towards 100% customer satisfaction, this calls us to have to replace some of the medical supplies that are delivered with damages. These damages may be during transportation or due to machine failure

  1. Subsidized Installation of new machines

All new machines purchased from Labtech Medical Supplies are installed at a subsidy depending on the type of machine procured. This is meant to help the customer minimize costs of installation and also minimize malfunctions due to poor installation. Our technicians will help the customer install the product according to the desire in the presence of the customer. This helps us ensure the medical machines provided are well functioning to avoid future alterations. Other after-sales services provided also include, scheduled maintenance of the medical equipment to monitor progress and usage of the installed machines. All this is done to keep in touch with our customers.

  1. Simplified Order Processsing

To simplify our customers’ placing of orders, the order can be either be placed via email or physically at our offices. The verification of the order and payment takes less than 24 hours. This is meant to ensure customers are not frustrated by the ordering process.